NHL’s newest proposal

While the past few weeks have gone with no real movement between the two sides, the National Hockey League sent a new proposal to the NHL Players Association today. The new proposal calls for a 50/50 split of hockey related revenue and may address some concerns players have regarding current contracts.  It would also allow the league to play a full 82 game schedule beginning November 2.  NHL players were to take part in a conference call Tuesday afternoon to discuss the terms.

The latest proposal seems to be an olive branch from the league in what was becoming a very stagnant process.  The two sides have been meeting the past few weeks.  However, talks never seemed to wade into the meat of the dispute only discussing secondary issues.

A few details from the NHL’s proposal include an increase to around 200 Million in revenue sharing, player contracts being capped at five years in length, all entry level contracts be two years and unrestricted free-agency beginning after eight years of service.  One of the major sticking points for players is getting money from their current contracts.  The NHL does seem to address this issue, but the particulars are not known at this time.

Did the NHL’s newest proposal shift public perception in favor of the League?  Is this the beginning of true negotiations between the two parties? Don Fehr, you and the Players Association are now on the clock.  At the very least, there is hope we see a light at the end of the tunnel.


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