MLB Agreement to banish Pete Rose is for sale.

In our weird post of the month, it has been released on ESPN that the document signed by Pete Rose and Major League Baseball (MLB) officials 23 years ago to banish Mr. Rose from the game is up for sale.

Pete Rose was banished for baseball in 1989 after it was found that he was betting on baseball games, something that the league was clearly not happy about, as they forced him to sign this document that would effectively remove him from baseball.  To this point, it has pretty much served as a life ban, though there has been discussion over whether Pete Rose should be reinstated and allowed to be part of the MLB or at least one of its franchises.

Auction officials believe that this is one of the most important documents in history, and believe that the original will fetch more than the approximate $1 million that was paid in 2005 for the contract that was signed by Babe Ruth to play baseball all the way back in 1919.

And for those interested in history, you can read the PDF version of that document on sale right here.


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