Lost in Translation (Olympics match-fixing version)

Another day, another new controversy.  Let’s see, we’ve covered Badminton, Soccer, and Boxing.  There was also the fencing semi-final with a clock that was stuck on 1 second left in a match long enough for one fencer to score a point and head to the finals.  People ask how an electronic clock can get stuck, well it happens when it is operated by humans, as there will always be an error factor.

The big focus has been on whether it is okay to try to not win during the Olympics.  Everyone has their own opinion, but it would seem smarter for events to be organized so that there isn’t the ability for such gamesmanship.  The newest issue has now come out with the Great Britain cycling team which won gold.  The issue in question came in an early round when one cyclist fell to the ground, which forced the race to an automatic restart.  The cyclist in question is Philip Hindes, a German-born rider for the Great Britain team, who has come out and said:

“So I crashed, I did it on purpose just to get the restart, just to have the fastest ride. It was all planned really,” said Hindes.

In track cycling the rules dictate that in the event of an early crash, teams can restart their race and the UCI, when contacted by AFP, said the result would stand.

British Cycling claims that this is not true, and that what Hindes said was as The Guardian put it: “lost in translation”.

What I see is another sport that allows people to fail in order to get a better shot at gold.  And really, isn’t that what it is all about for many athletes?  Trying to win the competition, no matter what the cost.


One Response to Lost in Translation (Olympics match-fixing version)

  1. Joe L says:

    Disgrace! They should be stripped of their medal.

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