Bahrain’s World Cup qualifier win being investigated by FIFA

In our newest potential match fixing scandal, the Japanese sports paper “Nikkansports” has an article noting that FIFA has declared this weeks World Cup qualifier between Bahrain and Indonesia as being “unnatural”.  Coming into the final day of round 3 qualifying for Asia, Bahrain was in 3rd place, 3 points behind Qatar with a goal differential of 8.  With only teams placing 2nd or higher in their group moving on to the final qualification stage, Bahrain had to win by at least 8 goals (and hope for a Qatar loss).  What happened was Indonesia sat most of their starting players, and fielded a rather unknown group.  What ensued was a 10-0 victory for Bahrain, which was then thwarted by Qatar drawing with Iran to get the point they needed to secure moving on to the next round.

FIFA noted that Bahrain and Indonesia have faced each other 6 times resulting in 2 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws for both sides, and figured something didn’t add up.

So not only was Bahrain eliminated from the World Cup, but FIFA thinks that something fishy was going on.  Did Bahrain payoff/convince Indonesia to take a dive?


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