Just when I thought I had heard it all on sports stadium subsidies…

Breaking News out of Tampa, Florida:  The state of Florida has paid the owners/tenants of 18 professional sports facilities in the state more than $271 million dollars since 1994 out of a fund  for “economic development through sports facilities.”  The catch is that the funds were distributed with the condition that the facilities provide shelter to the homeless on non-event nights.     I am shocked, shocked I say, to learn that the Bucs, Jags, Marlins, Panthers, and other assorted MLB Spring Training stadiums in Florida have not been opening their doors to the homeless.

I’m sure that Malcolm Glaser wouldn’t mind a bunch of homeless guys camping out in his owners suite in Raymond James Stadium while he’s off tending to Man United.  After all, he’s gotten $30 million from the state of Florida since 1997 for this kind of “economic development.”  That should pay for the carpet to be steam cleaned when they vacate the premises on game day.


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