FIFA > National Governments?

Here’s an interesting story: FIFA is getting in a strop over sales of beer at the World Cup.

Maybe it’s because FIFA really likes people to just have a good time that they want fans to be able to have beer at all the venues? After all, FIFA has a really good record at being decent, honest and transparent, as epitomised by its president, Sepp Blatter. People often use FIFA as a synonym for integrity.

Of course I’m being somewhat sarcastic here. FIFA is in a tissy because Budweiser is one of its biggest sponsors, and hence if beer can’t be sold at the venues, then who knows what Bud might do with its money?

It highlights one of the I guess lesser realised aspects of hosting the World Cup – notably that FIFA tells governments what it needs to pass as legislation before the tournament begins. It rides roughshod over whatever reasons there might have been for beer being banned at football stadia in Brazil – those kinds of things are immaterial in the face of the mighty sponsorship deals FIFA has with various large organisations. It might have been nice if supporters travelling all that way to Brazil for the tournament might have been able to sample the local delights of Brazilian beers in the venues, but nope, they must put up with the same Budweiser they could have got in a bar back home.


One Response to FIFA > National Governments?

  1. Babak Golriz says:

    Just came across your blog cause I was interested in football/financial overlap entries, and was happy to spend a few minutes looking around. Good work.

    I recently did a piece on assessing what is the “Strongest League in Europe: The Relationship between Success & Spending” and would be very happy if you had a read there too.

    Keep up the good work

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