Chris Paul and the Rottenberg Invariance Principle

Chris Paul was said to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers from the New Orleans Hornets earlier today, then just tonight the deal was cancelled by the NBA.  This was done, because the NBA is currently the owners of the Hornets as they are currently searching for an owner to take over the franchise and keep them in New Orleans.  A lot of questions are being raised about why the trade was cancelled, some are saying that it was a big market team (the Lakers) leveraging a small market team (the Hornets).

I see it more of being Rottenberg’s Invariance Principle (which I have discussed on this blog before), which notes that players tend go to the team that values them the most, as long as there are not certain constraints.  In this case, the NBA stands out as a constraint that is preventing Chris Paul from going to a team that seems to value him more at the moment.  Of course, the fingers are all pointing at NBA commissioner David Stern, who has been a bit of a bad guy with the whole deal about the lockout, and now this.

Pundits, the media, fans, and even owners often talk about the big market teams raiding small market teams for players, but some would say that this is just the Invariance Principle in effect.


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