NBA losing sponsors

The NBA players association has decided to vote on decertifying.  There are still plenty of discussions about how this process will work out, but things are bleak, and most sport analysts and fans are writing off the entire season.  Lucky for fans of basketball, NCAA basketball has started and there are plenty of prime match-ups all week long.

But as the lockout now looks to be here for the long term (as if the previous few months wasn’t long enough), those who advertise and sponsor the NBA have begun to pull out their sponsorship of the league.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that MillerCoors has pulled out its sponsorship of the Milwaukee Bucks during the lockout.  The value of the deal is unknown, but it is known that MillerCoors spends over $100 million a year on sport advertising alone.  As the lockout proceeds, it is most likely that more and more companies will not want to associate itself with the league.  As fan perception of the league, its players, and owners is all down, it makes sense for companies to pull out.

This is probably only the beginning, and the league looks to lose a lot more revenue sources as the lockout extends.


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