The NBA Lockout is a mess

Today the owners and union reps will meet again to try and iron out the NBA collective bargaining agreement (CBA), and actually get the season started.  As discussed in previous posts this week, it seems that the chances of getting a deal done are quite small.  Things have been interesting, as it has been reported that Michael Jordan (now an owner) will lead the group of hardline owners who want a 50-50 split or nothing.  Which is opposite of Michael Jordan the player, who of course wanted the players to get a better deal.  It is quite amazing to see the case a single person, 23 years apart, being on opposite sides of the bargaining table in professional sport CBA talks.  It does also show us that in these CBA talks, both sides can have quite legitimate arguments for taking hardline stances… or maybe Michael Jordan is just that competitive, that he doesn’t even want to give small concessions in the CBA talks.

The union which seems to be having splits, is even having splits among the group that is causing the split.  A new article noted that the group that was threatening to decertify today actually did not fully support the decertification process.  Because they would need 30% of individuals to vote in order to start moving towards decertification, and they couldn’t even get 50 people to agree to it out of 400, it looks like the NBA players union may not decertify after all.  What does this mean?  Well, it could mean the chance of talks continuing to try and get a new CBA… but they can only last so long before the season just has to be canned.


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