Will the NBA close down for a year?

I’ll be honest, I don’t things are looking good for the NBA right now with their lockout situation.  As you can read in previous posts here at the IJSF blog, the NBA collective bargaining agreements (CBA) negotiations have been at a deadlock.  All indications from the talks that are going on today is that the owners are angry over having lost a lot of money, and that they want to make up this money by sticking to their guns and having a 50-50 revenue split with the players.  Included in this group of hardline owners is former NBA great himself, Michael Jordan who is now a franchise owner.

50 of the leagues 400 players are preparing to start the process of decertifying the union over the weekend if the talks are still stalled.  This would mean that the labor talks would basically be hitting an end, and the legal battle which would most likely follow, would probably end up canceling the season.

Of course, this is not the best scenario, so a federal mediator will be in the negotiation room on Saturday to try and help them work out a deal.

One interesting post I read was from ProBasketballTalk, which noted several hockey players talking about the NHL lockout and the regrets they had.  Players in this article discuss the lost wages and playing time, and how many of their careers were never the same after the lockout.

People are saying “get it done”, but it doesn’t look good for the NBA, and both sides are set to lose out on a lot of money.


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