Qatar World Cup costs already estimated at £138 billion

Earlier this morning, ESPN soccernet reported that German financial analyst Dr. Nicola Ritter has told people that the cost for the Qatar 2022 World Cup is estimated to be around £138 billion.  This of course includes the construction of an entire new city as part of preparing the small country for the World Cup.  The city named Lusail is planned to be an “iconic city”, which would have a population of around 200,000, specially built to celebrate the gulf region culture and heritage.  You can visit the website for the city of Lusail here.  The city itself is said to cost about £28 billion, the big question is, where does that other £110 billion go?

The details presented by Dr. Ritter note that £107 billion will go to stadiums and facilities, and £31 billion will go infrastructure.  In the numbers, one which stands out greatly is that the Air Conditioning for all of the stadiums alone will cost about £30 billion, or over 21% of the total cost of hosting the World Cup.  While Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are one of the major costs for a new sport facility, the fact that Qatar will be facing extreme heat during the summer, and promised that all stadiums would be cool enough means that Qatar looks to be investing heavily in some major air conditioning.  From another perspective, Qatar will have 12 stadiums in operation during the World Cup, which means they will be spending  £2.5 billion on average for air-conditioning for each stadium.  That is more just on air-conditioning than the the cost of any other stadium in the world.  Qatar is a hot place, so it’ll be interesting to see if the AC that they are spending all this money on will really work.


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