Will LA get an NFL team?

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) has moved closer to building a stadium in Los Angeles, gaining development rights to build a stadium to attract a National Football League (NFL) team.  Last week they gained backing from city leaders, which seemed to put them as the front runners to bring the NFL back to LA.   The frontrunner for moving to LA has been the Minnesota Vikings who were getting close to ending their stadium deal with the Metrodome. Well, Mr. Wilf who owns the Vikings, came out yesterday and said that he is making good progress towards getting a public and privately financed stadium build in Ardent Hills, a Minneapolis suburb.  This could all be talk to keep Vikings fans in Minnesota happy before making a move to the second biggest media market in country.  Or, Mr. Wilf could be playing things smart and seeing if he can get a better deal in the Los Angeles or Minneapolis area.

Either way, both areas seem to have private and/or public backing to build an NFL stadium worth hundreds of millions (if not over a billion) dollars.  It’ll be curious to see who ends up with the Vikings, and whether AEG will go ahead and build the stadium in either case.  If AEG does build the stadium, there are other potential teams they could try to bring to LA in the future if the Vikings decide to stay up North.


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