Over here in Britain

There’s an event taking place next year in London, which has a football (soccer) tournament as part of it that most folk here in the UK tend to ignore because there’s never any representation of any of the home nations (what we call England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) for Great Britain. But since the Olympics are in our backyard this time there’s been a considerable effort to form a British team out of the four nations that make up Great Britain.

However, progress has been rancourous. Of course, it’s all political in the extreme. The non-England home nations fear that by allowing a Britain team to be formed, their elevated status within FIFA’s governing bodies will be questioned – although they have received written assurances that this will not happen – although given all that has happened at FIFA in recent months, who knows what to believe?

Today there has been an announcement by the British Olympic Association that an agreement has been made such that players from the four home nations can join together and play in a British team – to which both Scotland and Wales have reacted angrily – perhaps unsurprisingly…

It threatens to be an issue that will run and run for many more months yet. I personally hope some kind of compromise is achieved – I would love to see Gareth Bale, Adam Ramsey and the other exciting young players from the home nations together in one team. But I can understand the reluctance of the home nations given their elevated status within FIFA, and FIFA’s less than transparent and honest internal structures. It is, of course, the privileged fighting to protect their privilege, regardless of how justified that elevated status actually is. I’m starting to sound like a libertarian…


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