Atlanta Thrashers to relocate to Winnipeg

The Atlanta Thrashers, who have been in dire financial straits are on the move back to Canada.  The Globe and Mail article linked here notes that the Thrashers are to be sold and transferred to True North Sports and Entertainment, who own the Manitoba AHL franchise.  The new Winnipeg team will play at the MTS Centre Arena.  This is probably much needed relief for the franchise which was over a hundred million dollars in the red.

I’m really hoping that the Winnipeg franchise is named the Jets and brings back the old logo.  I am not sure that will happen as the Jets left Winnipeg to head to Phoenix where they became the Coyotes (another team that has had financial troubles)  I also wonder what will happen to the AHL franchise, is there enough hockey fans in Winnipeg to watch both the NHL and AHL franchises?  Also, will the NHL stop trying to hold franchises in the South, and let them migrate to Canada, where there seems to be a lot more interest in the sport.  I’d be curious to see if this starts a wave of teams heading north, as Hamilton, Ontario and Quebec offer two great locales for NHL franchises in my mind.


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