… and the NFL lockout is back on again.

As expected, the NFL appealed to the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to get a injunction placed against Judge Nelson’s prior ruling ending the NFL lockout.  So for the time being, the lockout is back in place as the court reviews the brief filed by the NFL.  ESPN has kindly provided a link to the 18 page legal brief here.  Now an interesting point which came up in the legal brief is that the NFL is claiming that the NFLPA and its members (the players) did not bargain in good faith.  They show some quotes and citations that state that the players were happy with the union and only dissolved it as an “Ace up the sleeve” in their battle against the owners.  While the NFL won a 2-1 vote for a temporary stay, the same judges will have to come back and decide whether a longer injunction can be put into place.

The NFL has also tried to make the case that the players are actually enjoying the lockout, after Ray Lewis and Wes Welker stated to the media that they were happy to have more free time because of the lockout.  And that because of this, the lockout is not putting the players into greater harm.  Now the argument may be legally sound, but it would seem that just because two higher profile players are happy, doesn’t mean those 2nd string tight-ends or the punter is going to be happy with the longer lockout.

I’ll keep updating as more news on this is released.  One of the big losers at the moment are the undrafted players, as they are the ones who will be without contracts and the ability of knowing if they will be invited to camps or even have a shot at playing in the NFL this year.  There may be a big influx of players to Arena Football and possibly the Canadian Football League if the lockout continues.


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