NFL Doomsday Scenario, Part II

More movement in the NFL lockout.  NFL owners urged Judge Nelson to place a stay on her decision, the players fired back and said “NOT SO FAST” (in their best Lee Corso voices).  The NFL players are now urging Judge Nelson to not grant a stay, so they can move forward.

In the 23 page filing which is opposed to the NFL Owners attempting to get a stay on the previous ruling, the players have asked for four big things if the stay is not granted..

First, they want a billion dollar bond (yes, $1 billion).  I would suppose this would be to cover player costs, but at this point they are simply noting that it is to “protect players’ rights”.  The $1 billion would be a bout 25% of total compensation that players receive in a year, and would seem to help solidify the end of the lockout in some individuals opinions.

Second, and potentially more important, the NFL players have asked for a new system which does not violate any antitrust laws.  Now yesterday I posted talking about what I thought may have been Goodell’s irrational fears of the players gaining too much power.  I dismissed this as many players had said they wanted to head back to the status quo.  Yet, it is rather vague what the players’ association really is going for here, when they want an end to all antitrust activities.  Does the draft violate antitrust? Should all players be unrestricted free agents?  Certainly there are good arguments for giving these things to players under antitrust law.  This has major implications depending on how it is interpreted, I would be curious to see if the NFL players try to move away from their current status quo, towards a system which gives them even more power (and would likely hurt certain groups of players and owners alike, and help others).

The other two parts of the filing note that the NFL has little chance to win, and that a lockout is not in the best interest of the public.

The drama continues, and Judge Nelson’s decision here today could have major financial implications for all involved.


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