Financial Bracket Update and Final Four implications

Over the last weekend, the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament had another great day of upsets, with #11 seed VCU knocking off #1 Kansas, and the Final Four ending up with no #1 or #2 seed’s present for the first time since they began seeding teams since 1979.  The Financial Bracket which I had discussed earlier, had a poor start to the tournament, sitting around the 26th percentile (meaning that 74 percent of brackets on yahoo were performing better).  However, with all of the upsets, most people’s brackets have been busted, and while the Financial bracket’s title game contenders have both been eliminated, Kentucky’s making it to the Final Four boosted the bracket to the 86th percentile.  If we got a redo for the Final Four, the financial prediction would put the title game of Kentucky vs Butler, with Kentucky taking it all.  It will be curious to see how things play out.

I also wonder what Houston is thinking with two fairly small sized schools making it to the tournament.  I’m sure they were hoping for a KU or Duke who they knew would travel well and bring fans, it’ll be interesting to see how the Final Four does in regards to attendance, as well as television ratings.


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