Betting and the NFL Lockout

Even though the NFL lockout is in its early stages, there is a lot of talk about what affect a shortened season may have on various areas of the NFL and consumers. posted an article talking about how missed games may affect Las Vegas and the sports betting that occurs in Las Vegas.

According to the article, about 2.5 billion dollars per year is legally wagered in the state on sports.  Bets on the NFL comprise about 30 percent of that dollar amount.  This makes professional football the most wagered sport in the state.  In addition to betting on individual games, many casinos have other NFL contests that bettors can participate in. The lack of NFL games could trickle to other sports.

Sports leagues have publicly stated that gambling on their sports is bad.  However, the opportunity for consumers to bet on sporting events creates additional demand for games that otherwise would not be as popular for the general public.



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