Los Angeles Stadium Update

The planned new NFL stadium project for Los Angeles remains an endless source of amusement, at least for me.  While I can empathize with Los Angelinos who want an NFL team they can call their own, the collection of goofballs at the helm of the effort to bring an NFL team to LA appear to have no understanding of the economics of professional sports leagues.

In today’s installment, Bloomberg is reporting that a VP of one of the companies trying to build a new stadium in LA and bring in a new team believes that an NFL team will be playing in LA IN THE 2012 SEASON and that not one but two teams will be playing in this new stadium.  I’m sure sure this guy has not been monitoring current events in the NFL, but the league and team owners clearly have a lot on their plates right now.  For example, the single most important agreement that the league needs to have in place in order to operate, a collective bargaining agreement with the players’ union, expires on Friday and there has been zero movement toward an agreement for years. Anything can happen, but the 2011 season may or may not take place.

Until the labor unrest gets straightened out,  it’s unlikely that any franchise is going to contemplate a move.  Since expansion has not been discussed seriously by the NFL in years, the only way a team is going to play in LA in 2012 is if an existing team moves there.  While NFL teams have moved in the past, it’s relatively uncommon, except for teams owned by Al Davis, for an NFL team to move.

I believe that Los Angeles will eventually get an NFL team.  But it won’t happen in 2012.


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