An IJSF Editorial Meeting

I was recently in Eugene, Oregon, at the University of Oregon-University of Washington football game.  My host was IJSF founder and first editor-in-chief, Professor Dennis Howard.  I’m on the left, in the University of Alberta Pandas hat; Denny is on the right in the Ducks hat.

Denny recently finished a two year term as Dean of the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon.  He has returned to his faculty position at the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center Center.  As you can easily tell from the picture, we have clearly been involved in deep scholarly conversation about the IJSF at the Lundquist tailgate party outside Autzen Stadium before the Oregon-U Dub game.  I can attest to the fact that Lundquist Dean “Kees” de Kluyve knows how to host a tailgate.

For our readers outside North America, a “tailgate party” is a typical social event that takes place prior to a sporting event, traditionally a football game, involving food and liquid refreshments. Since many football stadiums in North America are surrounded by parking lots, this is where many pre-game festivities take place.

Dr. Howard was instrumental in founding the IJSF, and without his efforts, there would be no journal.  He also set the standard for the journal during the first few critical years of operation, and provided the current editorial team with a great foundation for moving the journal forward.


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