Are Fantasy Sports Out of Control?

Fantasy sports are an increasingly popular form of entertainment.  While you can debate the relative merits of fantasy sports (pro: they increase interest in the sport; con: they encourage people to root for individual players instead of teams), they are here to stay.  A recent development has made me question fantasy sports: you can now take out insurance on your fantasy sports team.  That’s right.  An apparently legitimate company,, will now sell you a policy that will protect you from losses associated with your favorite fantasy player getting injured.

According to the web site

Fantasy Sports Insurance (FSI)…
• FSI is a new and innovative fantasy insurance product.
• FSI returns your financial investment in your fantasy league, should your key player(s) suffer a “season changing” Injury.
Fantasy Sports Insurance policy is underwritten by an “A” rated insurance company.
Re-coup all costs you have incurred in fielding your fantasy team and continue with your season!
• Lessen the disappointment and aggravation of losing your top fantasy player(s).

The company offers three levels of coverage for NFL fantasy leagues: A policy against one key player missing 9 regular season games, a policy against two key players missing a combined 14 regular season 16 games, and a policy against 3 key players missing a combined 18 regular season games.  The web site has a long list of offensive players who can be covered.    I didn’t get a price quote.  They claim to be legit.


One Response to Are Fantasy Sports Out of Control?

  1. mattbrann says:

    I can’t decide if this idea is crazy or awesome. Of course most of us that play fantasy sports do so for fun and either play for free or for a nominal fee, so there would be no real investment to protect.

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