MLB Revenue Sharing Problem

I came across an article yesterday in the New York Times by Alan Robinson talking about the revenues of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The club’s financial statements were leaked to the public yesterday and a few other clubs also had their financial statements leaked as well.  The franchises included the Rays, Angels, Marlins, and Mariners.     The Pirates have not had a winning season in almost two decades.  Even though they have not achieved success on the field, off the field the team has been very profitable.

One of the major concerns from the released financial statements has to do with revenue sharing.  For many years, some baseball insiders and fans believed that owners who received revenue sharing dollars from the teams did not take the money and put it back into their team’s payroll.  The financial statements released to the public supports that claim.  With this knowledge public, it will be interesting to see if the revenue sharing agreement is modified.

The second interesting point that can be made from the financial records is with new and proposed stadiums.  Tampa Bay is one of those teams looking for a new stadium.  The Marlins have a new stadium opening in a couple of years.  With the release of these documents, it will be interesting to see if it affects the public’s opinion on both of these facility debates.


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