Bowing to Nationalism

Sadly, the Football Association has bowed to perceived pressure surrounding Fabio Capello to assert that the next England national team coach will be English.  Of course, it would be nice if they said: We’ll get the best person for the job, regardless of where he happened to have been born.

Since England’s World Cup exit, any excuse to criticise the guy has become fair game: Not least, his alleged inability to speak English well – Dan Roan thinks this is a legitimate criticism.  I thought he was employed to coach the team, not to speak fluent and beautiful English, but clearly I have a naive view of how football works.  Of course it’s really sad.  He took a team he inherited from an incompetent English coach (Steve McClaren) that failed to qualify even for the European Championships, and took them into the World Cup.

That the World Cup was a disaster should reflect more on how spoilt and badly behaved the players are rather than the coach, and how poorly set-up England is to produce great footballers.  But nope, there’s a foreigner about, so he’s fair game on just about any angle.


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