Did the fans get lost on the way to World Cup?

It’s 6:30 am here in the middle of the U.S., and South Korea is about to kick off against Greece.  Yesterday I noticed this report claiming that FIFA says they have sold 97 percent of the tickets for World Cup.  Now I’m looking at the stadium for this game and it seems to be half empty.  South Korea are a notably strong team when it comes to having their fans travel all around the world to support them.  I can actually hear their “Dae Han Min Guk” chant above the Vuvuzelas, yet it seems a lot of casual fans from the host nation haven’t decided to come to the game.  Even the ESPN commentators are saying that the stadium isn’t a sellout and that there will probably be a lot of “late arrivals”.  I think it may be that FIFA has priced tickets a bit too high for some of the matches that people are not as inclined to attend.  Brazil and England matches will always sell well, but Slovenia vs Algeria just doesn’t seem to be a big match.  Surveys conducted in 23 nations have shown that fans agree, ticket prices are too high.

I’m thinking FIFA might start opening up some of these tickets or selling them cheaper, this stadium is still pretty empty.  I’ll check the reported numbers versus the capacity later on.

My predictions for today:

Korea 2 – 1 Greece

Nigeria 0 – 3 Argentina

England 3 – 1 U.S.


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