College Football Moves

Today is a big day in college football. After months of rumors and projections, the University of Colorado announced today that they are leaving the Big XII and joining the Pac-10. It remains to be seen what other schools move and to what conference. If current projections hold (Nebraska to the Big 10 and the old Big-XII South minus Baylor to the Pac-10) it leaves the rest of the old Big-XII looking for a conference to reside.

I believe the winner in all of this could be the Mountain West Conference (MWC). Teams in the MWC enjoyed success the previous few seasons in football with TCU, Utah, and BYU. With the Big-XII close to dissolving if many schools move to other conferences, it presents an opportunity for the MWC to make the move to become one of the top athletic conferences in Division I if it can convince schools such as Kansas, Missouri, etc. to join the conference.

The other big winner so far today is Colorado. If the rumors were true regarding Baylor lobbying to try and join the other Texas schools in any sort of move, Colorado could have been the school without a conference. By making the first move, Colorado guarantees a spot in a major conference.


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