New Pointless Rule

So the International Football Association Board (IFAB) is banning feints ahead of a penalty kick for the World Cup! I.e. players who fein to shoot but don’t, in order to trick the goalkeeper into committing themselves, will be forced to retake penalties.

It’s fair to say this is one of the most pointless, unnecessary rules ever introduced into football (soccer). I could do a Google News/Reader search to try and find all those news articles and blogs calling for such a change in the rules, but I won’t – because I won’t find any such articles or blogs.

On what planet does the IFAB reside? In the last few seasons, the main talking point has been the use of goalline technology and other aids to help linesmen and referees make decisions, with numerous examples of goals wrongly ruled out and non-goals awarded.

But instead, IFAB bring in a pointless rule on feinting, and rule out ever using goalline technology.

Never mind…


One Response to New Pointless Rule

  1. nickwatanabe says:

    Actually, I think this ruling might have to deal with some issues they have had with taking penalties in Asia.

    Earlier in the J-League season there was some real issues with referees missing illegal penalty kicking tactics from the kicking team, and the goal still being awarded.

    That said, I bet every keeper is going to have his iPad/iPhone/iPod video ready to watch before Penalties.

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