Chaos at the FA – anything new?

Late last week the Football Association (FA) in England submitted their bid to host the 2018 World Cup. England last hosted the World Cup in 1966, and had a bid to host the 2006 World Cup turned down in favour of the Germans, but after London’s successful 2012 Olympics bid, hopes were high that this time the World Cup might come “home”, as English football fans somewhat arrogantly assert.

That was, until Lord Triesman, the Chairman of the FA and head of the 2018 bid decided to step in, kamikaze fashion. It seems he was taken in by a blonde assistant and mentioned to her his conspiracy theories about the Spanish and the Russians, the two other 2018 bids seen as the main threats to England’s bid.

Apparently, the Spaniards are trying to bribe referees at the World Cup, and might pull their 2018 bid if the Russians help them fix a few World Cup matches. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Triesman has now resigned both from the FA and from the 2018 bid.

We shall now see what the recriminations are and implications for England’s World Cup bid. But I wonder whether anyone will seriously investigate the match-fixing allegations? They seem far fetched, but who really knows?


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