NCAA Football Bowl News

First, a quick quiz: Which of the following were real proposed college bowl games that were not added to the 2010-2011 bowl lineup:

  1. The Cure Bowl in Orlando
  2. The Refrigerator Bowl in Evansville
  3. The Christmas Bowl in Los Angeles
  4. The Salad Bowl in Phoenix

Answers after the jump.

The correct answers are the Cure Bowl and the Christmas Bowl.  Both The Salad Bowl and the Refrigerator Bowl were actual bowl games played in the 1940s and 1950s.

At the rate we are going, they could be back for 2011-2012.  The news out of the BCS meetings in Arizona last week is that there will be 35 bowl games next season.    That’s correct, 70 teams will play in the post season.  For those keeping score, the International Bowl folded, and two bowls, the Pinstripe Bowl, played in Yankee Stadium on 30 December and the Dallas Football Classic in the old Cotton Bowl on New Years Day were added.  NYC in December. Outside.  That’s going to be a great experience.


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