Bundesliga vs Premiership on Sports League Organisation

Here in England there’s a lot of introspection because for the first time for many years (2003?), no English teams have made the Champions League Semi Finals. There’s the usual doom and gloom articles written by sports writers who for the sake of selling a good article forget that football is a highly uncertain game, and unexpected results happen with more frequency than in other sports. The Guardian compares the Premiership in England with the Bundesliga in Germany and takes this tone. Apparently 41,000 dwarfs 36,000, to give some feel for the tone injected into the article.

I don’t doubt there are plenty of great things about the Bundesliga (cheap tickets sounds great!), but I can’t see a) how the Bundesliga model could be adopted any time soon in England, and b) whether it would actually be wanted. Premiership fans have been groomed on European success, yet limiting the ability of the Premiership to compete on the European stage via financial restrictions would do just that. Manchester United’s anti-Glaser (against their US owners) movement would appear to suggests fans want more involvement. But I suspect it’s one of those situations where fans expect that via more supporter involvement (and hence less external financial backing), somehow the current level of quality on the football pitch can be maintained. I’m not so sure…


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