More on Losses in the Women’s NCAA Tourney

Here’s an interesting follow up to Nick’s post about losses incurred by the hosts of subregional games in the women’s NCAA tournament.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the University of Pittsburgh lost quite a bit of money hosting subregional games last weekend.  The Pitt women’s team was not seeded in Pittsburgh, and Pitt sold only 5,000 tickets to the games.  In addition, the article reports that 11 of the 16 subregional sites in last year’s tournament lost money, and the losses were between $20,000 and $50,000.

That’s quite a racket that the NCAA has going.  They have figured out how to get cash strapped university athletic departments to subsidize the costs of hosting the women’s tournament.  Given the huge value of the NCAA contract with CBS to televise the men’s tournament ($6 billion dollars over nine years), you would think that the NCAA wouldn’t have to nickle and dime hosts like this.


One Response to More on Losses in the Women’s NCAA Tourney

  1. Dan Rascher says:

    This is also true for the NIT and CBI. In fact, I’ve heard the argument that a school will pay to host the CBI in order to get more post-season play, practice time, etc. It’s less about making money than used as a loss-leader of sorts.

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