NCAA Finance Bracket

Let the Madness begin.  If you are struggling to fill out your brackets this morning, look no farther.  Scott Adler, a political scientist at the University of Colorado, sent me the brackets below.  Professor Adler went to the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis web site and got the 2006 spending data (the most recent data available) for the men’s basketball program at each school.  The winner of each game is the team with the highest basketball program spending

It’s a pretty reasonable set of brackets.  Note that private universities come out really well in this contest.  Duke, Marquette, and Xavier have the highest basketball spending in their brackets, and Georgetown and Villanova make it to the Regional Finals.  I wonder if there is some kind of specialization going on?  Those teams (with the exception of Duke – I used some restraint in not making a joke about Duke football here) do not have Division I-A football programs.


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