Whoops, should I perhaps be a little more guarded in my title and feelings?

The International Football Association Board (I actually don’t know their relevance in relation to FIFA, but I suspect they are reasonably powerful in the maze that is football’s (soccer’s) governing structure, have announced they are permanently ruling out investigating goalline technology! Talk about putting your head in the sand.

I get sick and tired of the numerous bleatings from managers and players and directors about how much money is lost each season because of bad refereeing decisions. These things are called human error (or perhaps worse, human corruption), and they’ll happen while we have humans trying to keep track of what’s going on. Obvious solution to at least partially circumvent the problem: Technology. Chip in ball, then we know if the ball crossed the line.

What is the solution of FIFA and UEFA? More officials!! More people, some guys on the touchline (behind the goals). More people suspect to errors and bribery. They’ve been tested in the Europa League this season, and guess what – they completely missed which Fulham player fouled a Roma player to give away a penalty, and the referee sent the wrong player off!!! Genius, absolute genius.

I do believe in an absolute power up there, and I do believe He has a sense of humour. It’s funny then that just minutes (actual minutes) after the IFAB’s announcement, Birmingham City, in an FA Cup tie (knock-out competition) against Portsmouth (administration/bankrupt club), had the ball in the net – but of course the referee or his linesmen didn’t see the “goal” and didn’t give the “goal”. (See link, and 1341 and 1413 entries) How about that? Of course, Birmingham lost the game and are out of the FA Cup, missing out on the money-spinning semi-finals and possibly final.

I’m sure Birmingham fans will love the IFAB now…


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