More Bowl Updates

In this week’s Arizona Republic, there is an update on the allegations of the Fiesta Bowl making political contributions.

For people who were not aware, the Arizona Republic alleges in an investigation late last year that employees of the bowl were told to make contributions to certain political candidates and were then reimbursed by the bowl itself.  The bowl then hired a former Arizona Attorney General to examine these claims but he did not find anything  improper.  Now the state is not convinced of those findings after receiving a written letter from Playoff PAC (a political action committee wanting a football playoff). As a result, the state is now launching its own investigation into the matter.

An article this week states that non-BCS conferences received a record bowl payout amount from the recent bowl games.   This comes after Brad’s post on each bowl’s TV ratings. Proponents of the current system tout this as the system is working and is getting better.  However, critics point out that most of that non-BCS money went to the Mountain West and WAC due to TCU and Boise State playing in the Fiesta Bowl.  In addition, the figures still do not compare to the BCS conferences.


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