Big Win for Illini Football

This is not an IJSF post, or a sport finance post.  But the bloggers here at the IJSF blog have a strong ties to the University of Illinois.  I was on the faculty at the U of I for several years, and co-bloggers Brian Soebbing and Nick Watanabe are U of I alumni.  After being ranked in the preseason, the Illinois football team was on life support last week, limping through their schedule with a terrible 1-6 record and a win over only Division I-AA Illinois State.  I had the Illini penciled in for 1-11.  Then the Michigan Wolverines came to Champaign, and left with a humiliating 38-13 beat down.  They are probably still looking at 2-10, but a win over Michigan does wonders for the team.  So hats off to Ron Zook and the Illini.  Good job!


One Response to Big Win for Illini Football

  1. Phil says:

    With all due respect, I thoroughly enjoyed the Mizzou game in football. I realize that the cost is the Mizzou – Illinois game in basketball. Still…

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