IJSF September Access Statistics from RePEc

Time for the updated access statistics for the IJSF.  First, the page views and file downloads for the journal:

Page views (file downloads) on participating RePEc services:
Last month:    514 (136)
Previous month:    427 (101)
Last 3 months: 1376 (367)
Last year:     7272 (1965)
Since start:   14413 (3650)

Looks like an upward trend in both over the past three months.  Next, the impact factors:

Simple impact factor: 0.28
Recursive impact factor: 0.01
Discounted impact factor: 0.13
Recursive discounted impact factor: 0.01
h-index: 2

Roughly the same since the last report.  Finally, lets have a look at the most viewed articles.  The entire top 25 can be found here.  The top five are:

Rank Journal Article File Downloads Abstract Views
Last month 3 months Total Last month 3 months Total
1 Ticket Prices, Concessions and Attendance at Professional Sporting Events
Dennis Coates and Brad Humphreys
8 21 293 52 89 1,020
1 “If You Can’t Win, Why Should I Buy a Ticket?”: Hope, Fan Welfare, and Competitive Balance
O’Reilly, Norm, Alan Kaplan, Ryan Rahinel and John Nadeau
8 12 32 10 18 67
1 The Causality between Salary Structures and Team Performance: A Panel Analysis in a Professional Baseball League
Jane, Wen-Jhan, Gee San and Ou, Yi-Pey
8 19 29 21 41 79
4 Developing a Profitability Model for Professional Sport Leagues: The Case of the National Hockey League
John Nadeau and O’Reilly, Norm
7 13 120 10 21 357
5 Betting Exchanges: The Future of Sports Betting?
Ruud Koning and Bart van Velzen
6 26 55 19 62 162

I find it interesting that my paper with Dennis on ticket prices and concessions seems to generate a lot of interest. I presented it at a conference a few years ago and the discussant said something like “I predict that this paper will never be published in a journal.” Just goes to show that you never know what papers readers will find interesting.


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