Land Shark Stadium

From the past couple of weeks:
Dolphin Stadium in Miami hosted two prime time football games over the past couple of weeks: Miami vs. Georgia Tech and Colts vs. Dolphins. That is not unusual. However, what was unusual was that the stadium currently named Dolphins Stadium but Land Shark Stadium. Landshark stadium is an 8-month agreement (beginning in May) with Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and Anheuser-Busch InBev. The name comes from Land Shark Lager, which AB co-markets with Buffet. The most interesting part of the agreement is the agreement is only for 8 months. At that conclusion of the agreement, the name will revert back to Dolphin Stadium which will be right in time to host the Super Bowl.   It will be interesting to see if other franchises (or companies) will move to these short term lease agreements in the future based upon the success (or failure) of the Land Shark agreement.

In other news, 2010 will bring television viewers another bowl game.  The new Yankee Stadium will be hosting a bowl next December between Christmas and New Years Day.  According to the article posted at, the game will be between the Big East #4 and the Big XII #7  with Notre Dame being eligible if the Big XII does not have a seventh bowl eligible team.  That will bring the grand total of bowl games to 35.  I wonder what ticket prices will be for that game.


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