New Arenas For Everyone!!!!!!!

Welcome to Alberta, the land of milk and honey.  We have heard rumors of difficult economic times elsewhere, but not here in the land of plenty.  We scoff at you pikers with your TARP funds and bailouts.  Here in the capital, the new arena for the Oilers is already “underway” as of yesterday, according to the team.  All they need is a few hundred million in taxpayer dollars and a Zamboni.  And now, word from the south is that the Calgary Flames are getting new digs as well.  The Saddledome was built in the early 1980s – the last millennium – and is now, gasp, the sixth oldest arena in the NHL.   The Flames do not have their hand out … yet.  According to Flames president Ken King: “We have had informal discussions, and I want to stress, informal discussions at all government levels, that’s the provincial government, the federal government and the city.”

The latest skirmish in the “Battle of Alberta“: Dueling hockey arena projects.  Just great.  I  predict that the only losers will be the taxpayers.


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