IJSF Access Statistics from RePEc

ijsfcover1File views and downloads of IJSF articles are tracked by RePEc and distributed monthly to journal editors.  The report for July came out yesterday.  I thought that readers of this blog might be interested in this  information.

Page views (file downloads) on participating RePEc services:
Last month:    435 (130)
Previous month: 534 (122)
Last 3 months: 1551 (407)
Last year:     7137 (1900)
Since start:   13472 (3413)

The IJSF is a relatively new journal, so we don’t have a long enough publication run to generate much in the way of impact factors.  However, we continue to improve every month, which is encouraging.  Here are the impact factors:

Simple impact factor: 0.3
Recursive impact factor: 0.01
Discounted impact factor: 0.15
Recursive discounted impact factor: 0.01
h-index: 2

Finally, RePEc identifies the top papers published in the journal.  The full list is on line here. The top 5 IJSF papers by download are

1 Betting Exchanges: The Future of Sports Betting? Ruud Koning and Bart van Velzen
2 The Novelty Effect of the New Football Stadia: The Case of Germany, Arne Feddersen, Wolfgang Maennig and Malte Borcherding
2 Ticket Prices, Concessions and Attendance at Professional Sporting Events, Dennis Coates and Brad Humphreys
2 The Causality between Salary Structures and Team Performance: A Panel Analysis in a Professional Baseball League, Jane, Wen-Jhan, Gee San and Ou, Yi-Pey
5 Putting Moneyball on Ice? Daniel Mason and William Foster
5 Impression Management in Football Club Financial Reporting, Stephen Morrow


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