Various reads on English football…

It’s very easy to get carried away reading blogs, especially with the automatically generated links that often appear at the bottom of them. I just read first a post on smoke in English football back in the day – in a way that I can’t really hope to imagine, soccer players a hundred years ago must have found it almost impossible to run given the air quality. I find even cigarette smoke noxious nowadays with smoking bans all over the place, and can’t imagine trying to play a game in a smoke-filled environment…

I was then taken on to an article on corruption in soccer over the years – back when safety regulation was sparse if at all existent, and player power was restricted by various regulations, soccer clubs must have been lucrative businesses for owners, and hence one can only imagine the scope for corruption…

Finally, the automatically generated links took me to an article in Time about Ebbsfleet United, a soccer club in Kent owned by a website, The members of the website vote on various matters related to the club, such as team selection, although the club manager has to make second-by-second decisions out there on the soccer field in-match. The team finished mid-table last season in the Football Conference, English football’s fifth division and one division below the Football League. The novelty is likely well worn off now for this club, given the Time article was written in November 2007, so it will be interesting to see where this experiment in the running and financing of a soccer club gets to in the coming season…


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