More sport gambling

With the summer sports season in full swing, two interesting articles today on two upcoming major professional tournaments.

The first is an article in The Independent regarding a group of 6 to 12 players male professional tennis players who are on the “watch list” because of their past involvement in suspicious betting matches. The article continues to reveal some past betting action through Betfair.

The second is a post on Darren Rovell’s sports business blog at CNBC regarding betting on the US Open.  He explains that over half of the bettors bet on Tiger to win the tournament.  As a result, this makes every other player in the field a long shot so the bookmakers can balance the action on each side.

Tennis and the potential problems that sport is facing has been discussed in a previous post on this blog.  However, the take away point with professional golf is Tiger is not just creating interest in traditional areas of sport consumption (attendance, TV ratings, sponsorship), but also in these more non-traditional areas (betting, fantasy sport).  As a result, the PGA should be seeing an increase in its revenue and visibility of the sport.


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